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Site Plans

Green Hill Engineering provides site plans for both residential and small commercial development. A high quality plan can shorten permitting time and allow contractors to give competitive quotes for the site work involved.

The process of creating a site plan begins with defining the goals of a project. This could be as simple as adding a garage within the buffer zone of a wetland or as complex as building a small office building that needs site plan review and special permits by a planning board.

Once the goals of the project are established, conceptual plans are developed. Multiple scenarios are considered. Each option is considered from various perspectives including aesthetics, costs, meeting client’s needs, and conformance with regulations.

The final design reflects the optimal solution for a site.  Our designs are accurate and thorough.  We will incorporate the latest and best management concepts into our design to ensure rapid approval of your projects.


Small commercial development site plan

A new home site in Ware, MA